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What pain points, if any, are you facing in your organisation when it comes to learning and development?
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What is your primary role?
Are you ...
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Budget, Impact and Resourcing

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Do you know your budget for L&D per employee?
What is your organisation's budget per employee for learning and development?
What is your organisation's budget per employee for learning and development?
What is your organisation's budget per employee for learning and development?
What is your organisation's budget per employee for learning and development?
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What % of your budget is spent on digital learning?
What proportion of your learning content do you develop in-house?

How many people are in your L&D team?
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How long has your organisation been using digital tools? 
Current Goals

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What are the benefits your learning strategy is delivering to the business and its goals? (Please select all that apply)

What are the benefits that your learning strategy is delivering to individuals and their needs?

What are the benefits your organisation is achieving relating to learning and development efficiency?

What are your top 3 priority objectives for L&D?
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Priority No. 2
Priority No. 3
Which goals have you made the most progress towards and what contributed most to their success?
You're on a unique journey to becoming a high-performing learning culture. The next step in your Health Check explores how you're achieving your goals and the tactics, tools and methods you currently use.